Our six-week cohort covers some of the important subjects on building a remarkable foundation for your purpose-led tech business
  • Understanding the science of your product
  • Unify sales and marketing from day dot!
  • How to attract investors without pleading for investment?
  • Why sales is the spine of your business and how to look after the posture of your business?
  • How to manage your energy and not your time?

Hey founder!

  • The failure rate for new startups is currently 90%.
  • 10% of new businesses don’t survive the first year.


Founders focus on the product and capital investment as a prime element rather than acquiring customers and generating sales.

Sales could be hard, tough, ruthless, merciless sometimes heart-breaking too!

Selling is the most important yet underrated topic that is covered in the early stages.

Why is sales so daunting? Why do investors care so much about it?

Why is early-stage sales is make or break to tech companies?

We understand all of the above so we came up with Profit with Perpus Cohort

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